Update due to Lack of Content


Hello, I just wanted to address the lack of content that have been found across the BrickUltra website and channel. I’ve just been really busy with some personal stuff lately and the lack of content will probably continue till the end of April (however I’ll try to get some content up during that time). I just wanted to address this and let you know that we will continue to support BrickUltra with waves of new content coming out this summer. Along with this we’ll be having a restock on the BrickUltra custom store because as you’ve seen lately we’re pretty much sold out of most products. I can’t talk about everything planned, but it’ll be an interesting summer and we look forward to it. Anyways sorry for the lack of content that has persisted on the website for several months now. Everything should go back to normal come the beginning of May 2016.

Best of Luck,
BrickUltra Team

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