The Ultimate website to trade LEGO bricks & instructions!

A new Kickstarter Project has been created to create a new LEGO website to sell and trade LEGO bricks! Here is the new website concept along with features that will be implemented into the site. team consists of 4 people, Mark, Leigh, Olaf and Nathan who have over 40 years combined web design, and development experience, based in our studio in Farringdon, London. We have worked on projects for Ubisofts Assassins Creed series , Far Cry series, SquareEnix Hitman and Final Fantasy series and many more.


We are a small group of LEGO® fans who are frustrated with the overly clunky and outdated LEGO® fan, trading and sharing websites currently on the internet and we want to change that. We want to offer a simple, practical solution for LEGO® fans to share, buy and sell their instructions and LEGO® pieces, that is clean, intuitive, and most important of all, 100% free for LEGO® fans to use!

We all have full time jobs and have spent the last 6 months working on the project in our spare time, researching, planning and developing the technology needed to make the site work. With your support we can have the entire team work solely on this project, bring the site to completion, fully tested and fine-tuned to ensure that it stays updated and continues to have great features added for many years to come.

Below are a selection of the key features of

•Easy to search database of fan made LEGO® instructions
•View custom instruction ratings, comments and ask questions to instructions builders
•Download instructions for free, or buy them from traders.
•Upload your current parts collection
•Check which models you could build or how close to completing models you might be
•Don’t spend hours finding sellers, thebrickstop will automatically tell you who the best price sellers are for the pieces you require
•Search and find the cheapest sellers for pieces

•Easily upload your parts and price list, using our simple listings tool
•Pro sellers / businesses can easily make stores, upload their own sets and highlight sales and other offers.
•100% no selling fees, thebrickstop will not charge you to list or sell pieces

• will offer artists, instruction makers and LEGO® modders the ability to create stores
•Share your work and status updates
•List your modded parts, instructions and make MONEY!
•100% no selling fees, thebrickstop will not charge you to list or sell pieces

Support this LEGO Idea by funding this Kickstarter Project: CLICK HERE

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