The Taste of Victory



This blew my mind. I haven’t seen such unique and impressive animation in a LONG time. I’ve always kept my eye out on TwickaBrick animations and I’ve always been impressed by the animation techniques, but holy lego bricks batman, the in-shot visual effects of this film are amazing. Everything from the fire, the grenade explosions, the bullet casings from the tank gun, everything! But what stood out to me even more, was the rain effect. It seriously looked amazing, and it also looked like it took FOREVER to do. But seriously, props, because it looks great. On Bricks in Motion when AnnoyingNoisesProductions asked about it, Twick replied:

“That eight second long shot took four hours to animate…”

That sums up the epicness of these effects. Good lord, man.

If I were to nitpick at anything in this film, it would probably be the voice acting. It wasn’t horrible or anything, it just seemed fairly shallow and 2D. I felt like some well done voice acting could have bumped this film up to a whole new level, and added some deeper character development. It is a war film, so it could have benefited from strong characters, in my opinion. As far as tech. aspects go, the camera quality was mediocre. It didn’t really detract from the film as a whole, but a crisp image would’ve also been a bonus, but hey, some of the best and most entertaining brickfilms have been made with poor tech. aspects.

Overall, it blew my mind. I love LEGO war films anyways so that, along with the impressive visual effects, leads to an impressive short film, and I am a fan of it. If you like this kinda thing, check out his other films as well, because he always comes up with impressive animation techniques. Good job man! I look forward to your future work.


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