The Squire and the Scroll Trailer #1

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First time I heard of this project, was in August of last year and ever since then every brickfilmer, myself included, has been anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. I’ve been staying updated here, and i’m pretty sure it’s causing personal self-esteem issues with the whole BiM community (heh), considering the amount of work and time they have slaved into this project is unbelievable! However, once you take a peek at the trailer, you’ll see that hard work pays off.

One of the first things I noticed about this trailer is the original and epic score. I could seriously write an essay on how sick I am of hearing overused/copyrighted music in brickfilms, so I was pumped when I read in the Youtube info that they had someone composing it for them. Along with the score, I noticed the impressive technical aspects of the film. The editing is real nice, as well as the color correction, blending of CG, and aspect ratio. Technical aspects don’t make or break a film, but they are definitely an added bonus. Not to mention the fact that this film is based off of another story, so it’s pretty safe to assume the plot will be above average in comparison to most other brickfilms. And besides, who doesn’t like a good medieval-fantasy based film?

The trailer definitely served it’s purpose, because now more than ever I’m pumped about this project and can not wait for it’s release. I highly suggest that everyone follows along with their updates and stays tuned in. This is a brickfilm that you won’t want to miss!


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