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I’ve watched “The Machine” probably a dozen times now and every single time I see it, I am blown away. Suburb Animation Studios is a fairly new name to me, other than his THAC9 entry on that placed 2nd, I haven’t really seen much from him. And then he releases this. Like, what?! Not that his previous films aren’t really good, because they are, but this one is quite a step up from his previous works, from pretty much everyone’s work.

“The Machine” is a really great example of how you can take a simple idea or a really basic story and craft a very well done and entertaining short film. The plot is hardly anything, and the ending payoff could probably have been a little better, but it truly serves it’s purpose as a short film. The animation is unlike anything I’ve really seen before, it’s very lifelike, and extremely realistic. The lighting is really great as well, the different rooms each have their own lighting and the light glitch turn on is a really nice touch. Also, a bit shout out to Tom Gudde for making a very fitting original score for this film. I can not explain to you how much of a treat it is to me to see that someone made or had original music made for their film. Kevin MacLeod (incompetech) is really talented and everything, but his music is EVERYWHERE! Another eye catching thing you’ll notice in this film is the near perfect camera movements. I believe Suburb uses a Quickcam 9000 webcam, which allows for more mobility than that of a DSLR, but the movements are smooth and spot on.

I don’t have anything negative to say about this film, it’s a really well done brickfilm. Definitely worth checking, oh… about a dozen or two dozen times. Also, give him a like or subscribe, because he deserves more recognition. Suburb Animation Studios for President 2012.

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