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For all you Lego Star Wars fan boys out there, this is your calling. For all of you who have seen enough Lego Star Wars to last a life time (like myself) believe it or not, it’s still worth a watch. Most Star Wars jokes have been tied to chairs and beaten with a rubber hose, but Sumkid101 manages to still get chuckles out of me in this short. The flick shoots a whole cluster of jokes at you in a sketch format; reminiscent to that of Robot Chicken, with similar jokes even.

The film features some very simple, yet well done animation and also some nice tech. aspects. The picture quality is pristine and crisp, the audio is well mastered, and it features a huge cast of well known brickfilmers, such as: ForrestFireFilms, MasonHowerton, StoneBreakers10, SithSerenity, and AlNickelsFilms. For anyone who is familiar with the names, it adds an extra twist of entertainment when you can pick out who is voicing who. I don’t have too much to say about the film, considering skit style films are as old as the hills, but if you’re looking for a nice, simple, and disconnected group of chuckles, then take a peek.

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