The LEGO Movie Set Details 2014

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LEGO Announces The LEGO Movie LEGO Sets 2014

A EuroBricks user has revealed the set details for the new The LEGO Movie sets! The new wave of sets will include the following names:

Getaway Glider (70800) – $14.99
Melting Room (70801) – $14.99
Bad Cop’s Pursuit (70802) – $24.99
Cloud Cuckoo Palace (70803) – $19.99
Ice Cream Machine (70804) – $19.99
Trash Chomper (70805) – $29.99
Castle Cavalry (70806) – $14.99
MetalBeard’s Duel (70807) – $29.99
Super Cycle Chase (70808) – $34.99
Lord Business’ Evil Lair (70809) – $69.99

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