The Lego Dead
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The Lego Dead

Welcome to the official page for “The Lego Dead” comic series created by 69zombieslayer. This page contains every single episode beginning with the most recent episode. “The Lego Dead” has new installments every Weekend. We hope you enjoy the comic series and like “The Lego Dead” on Facebook: CLICK HERE

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  1. beto says:

    I liked this

  2. MinifigsRUs says:

    Hey, Episode 9 is linked to Episode 10, there is no 9.

    • LegoSantaMoss says:

      Episode 9 is actually linked to the 9th episode. It was a mistake on his part were he wrote episode 10 instead of 9. So we’ll end up with two comics that represent episode 10 🙂

  3. […] The LEGO Dead comics follow a character named Kruger, who was a prisoner prior to the infection. The comics revolve around Kruger and his group in their struggle to survive the infection. The comics are already available with new weekly installments every Saturday! You can follow the series here: The LEGO Dead Comic Series at […]

  4. Trent Knight says:

    This series is interesting, keep up the good work, I might have some ideas that could help you.

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