The Lego Dead Show
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The Lego Dead

A brand new Lego Zombie Youtube Series based upon “The Lego Dead” which will follow an entirely different group of survivors. This lends the chance to possible interactions between the two groups in either the comics or Youtube series. Check out the comics and stay tune for the pilot episode here on the BrickUltra Youtube Channel. We hope you enjoy the trailer!

Note: None of the footage from the trailer is actual in the show, the level of detail in the show will be much great.

Updated: 1/22/2015- The latest trailer for the highly anticipated “The LEGO Dead” Series. The LEGO Dead will consist of a 5 episode season. Hope you guys are excited and we’ll have more details in the coming weeks! Hoping to have the first episode up later this year!

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  1. […] The LEGO Dead YouTube video series follows a character named Jericho, who was an office-worker prior to the infection. Jericho was one of the lucky survivors in being able to find a safe room just for himself full of supplies. The YouTube series actually begins a month after the infection started, supplies are running low for Jericho and he must face the fact that he has to leave his safe room which he had spent an entire month in. The LEGO video series is currently in the works and will arrive this fall. Here is the teaser-trailer, but of course the final videos will be much better! You can check for the LEGO video series here once they get released: The LEGO Dead Video Series at […]

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