‘”The Legend of The Bat” KickStarter

Recently a LEGO brickfilmer named JackCampise created an KickStarter project. JackCampise estimates that he’s going to need about $300 to begin producing brickfilms. JackCampise is featuring 8 different perks if you invest in him. Click the following link to support this project: CLICK HERE

My name is Jack Campise, I’m a teenage filmmaker from the USA. I’ve been making films ever since I was 9, and began a YouTube channel for all my work in 2010. I soon grew out of that channel and made a new one which features all of my work up to now (http://www.youtube.com/user/JackCampise) I love making stop-motion animations, otherwise known as brickfilms. I make my films using the technique of stop-motion animation and LEGO bricks.

Last May, I completed one of my greatest achievements. I made a 22 minute long Batman fan film called GOTHAM KNIGHTS (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylb9NNwTH5I). I’ve always had a passion for superheroes (especially Batman) and wanted to show the world what I could do with some LEGO bricks and my imagination. The film received positive feedback. People wanted more. They wanted to know what happens next to Bruce Wayne. Thus, I set out to make a sequel called THE LEGEND OF THE BAT.

I have just finished the main outline of the film, and scripting and casting has begun. I’m hoping to begin filming in December, with the release of the film hopefully by Spring 2013. My good friend Stephen Davies has agreed to compose the music for this film. He is extremely talented and think will bring some extra life to the film.

Thank you to all who can support and donate, and to those of you who help simply by spreading the word! I hope to raise around $300 (but I can always make more 🙂 More would be appreciated).

What Will Your Funding Go To?

The funding you all provide will be put towards bricks to make more appealing backdrops and scenery for my film. It will also help me purchase baseplates and other LEGO pieces I may need. The shots in this film are of both large and small scale, and I don’t have enough pieces for the buildings and city streets I’m planning to build. Also, I need many small, specialty pieces; such as minifigures, room accessories and others.

The best part of the funding process is that YOU ALL receive something for your contributions, such as prizes or rewards.

The Final Product

This film will (hopefully) be my biggest yet, and I hope you will all enjoy it. I plan on the final film being over 30 minutes long. The film will be a great portrayal of the Batman Universe and hope you are interested in seeing the final product.

Other Ways You Can Help

For those of you who cannot contribute funds, please, PLEASE spread the word. Support can be gained just by posting a link to this page, and I’ll be extremely grateful to anyone who does so. Spreading the word is extremely helpful, and is as valuable as contributing money. Thank you!

I would like to thank you all for your support both financial and otherwise. Without you, films and other projects, like “The Legend of The Bat,” would never be made. I am excited to see our vision of “The Legend of The Bat” become a reality and I am enthusiastic to share with you a LEGO animation unlike any other!

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