The Duel

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I’ll admit, when I first saw the title of this film, “The Duel”, I thought to myself: “oh great, another plot-lacking brickfilm about two guys fighting each other for the sole purpose of shoving action down my throat”.

That’s not the case here. Yes, it could have more of a plot, but i’ll get to that later.

All I can say is: Holy %$!%, this film is unbelievable. When I saw it for the first time, I knew it was going to be the brickfilm of the week, considering this is one of the best (if not the best) brickfilm I have seen so far this year. I have been fairly up to date on namchild’s films, but this one still completely caught me off guard. It has one of the most unique and interesting styles I have ever seen portrayed in a brickfilm. Anyone who is an anime or manga fan, this is even MORE of a must see film, as the style is similar to that form. The film features some intense fight sequences that are unlike anything created in a brickfilm (that I’ve ever seen anyways) and strays away from the now trendy “gun fight” or intense action sequence that seems to be taking over. Not only is the animation fresh and interesting, but as written in the Youtube info, all effects were created “in-shot” meaning, the explosions, wood breaking, and blur effects, were taken as the photo was being snapped, versus being created in post production with cgi or whatever.

Hold on, i’m not done praising, the lighting and mood of the film is really nice as well. Simple, yet effective.

When I said earlier that it was lacking plot, i’m not really going to say it detracts from the film. Yes, we would all like to see a 75 minute long brickfilm epic that has a plot comparable to the Odyssey, but let’s be realistic. This still remains a simple fight scene film, and not only that, it’s also the official music video for Camo & Crooked, so in my opinion, it’s off the hook.

Now if you haven’t already watched it, watch it. Now. This film is a trip and a half, and definitely deserves several viewings to catch some of the fine details. It truly shows that a brickfilm is a work of art.

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