The 5 Best LEGO Console Games

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All across the gaming industry, the constant goal of just about every company involved is simple: improve and advance. New technologies are implemented constantly to give games better graphics, improved capabilities, and more engaging gameplay. Additionally, new avenues of gaming seem to be opening constantly. On popular consoles like the Xbox, the focus is now on Internet multiplayer, where friends can link up to play shooters, sports games, etc. for hours together online. In Internet gaming, the gambling industry has made huge strides; players can now go beyond online poker and play on Betfair, a site that offers casino style bingo in addition to the classic games like Blackjack, slots, etc. And finally, there’s mobile devices, where app games from Tetris to Infinity Blade are downloaded millions of times.

Basically, there’s constant innovation all across the video game world – which is why it’s surprising to some that one of the most popular types of console game in recent years has become virtual LEGO adventures! You’ve probably seen these games on the shelves, even if you haven’t played them yourself – and pretty much everyone who tries them out has the same thing to say: it’s shockingly entertaining. What at first looks like a kid-oriented, dumbed down version of a bigger, better game often turns out to be vastly more enjoyable in, shall we say, virtual LEGO form.

So if you’re considering trying some of these inventive games out, here are our picks for the top 5 on major consoles!

The 5 Best LEGO Console Games

5. LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4
In this game, J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world is brought to full, LEGO life, allowing you to romp around Hogwarts casting spells in a surprisingly enjoyable adventure/combat format. If you’re a fan of the franchise – books or films – it’s a must have.

The 5 Best LEGO Console Games

4. LEGO Star Wars
To some, the series of Star Wars LEGO games represent the sort of gold standard, and they’re certainly a blast to play. We’ve got a few other adventures ahead of them, simply because the Star Wars games are a bit repetitive.

The 5 Best LEGO Console Games

3. LEGO The Lord Of The Rings
LEGO LOTR is a fantastic representation of the epic film series, and involves a fittingly large map and dramatic backdrop. As noted by The Nerd Filter, you might be a bit lost if you don’t know the films – but then, you probably wouldn’t be buying the game!

The 5 Best LEGO Console Games
2. LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7
It’s an incredibly immersive way to enjoy the final years of the Harry Potter saga. Like “Years 1-4,” this game allows you pretty much full range as a wizard, and brings the film to life in amusing, but oddly real detail.

The 5 Best LEGO Console Games
1. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean
If you thought there’d never been a good game made out of Disney‘s iconic pirate franchise, think again! LEGO Pirates is an incredibly enjoyable game. Controlling a LEGO Jack Sparrow fumbling through the Caribbean on various missions is just too much fun to pass up.

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