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CrazyEd: Youtube Twitter

Now here’s a prime example of a brickfilmer who doesn’t get near the amount of attention that he deserves. CrazyEd is an extremely talented animator and filmmaker and he definitely shows his talent in this film. If you aren’t already subscribed to this guy, the for love of god, please do. You won’t see animation like this anywhere else except from pros.

Even though I’ve already blabbed on about how great the animation is, seriously, it’s great. The movements of the conductor and the musicians are especially convincing. Not only is the animation gorgeous in this flick, the sets and props are surprisingly well done too. I personally was a fan of the small scale city, which blended into the film really nicely. The instruments were also very well designed and I found myself even able to identify what the instruments were. There’s also a few humorous parts to this film that add to the overall entertainment of the film. The part where the violinist’s string breaks is a hilarious bit that reminds me of a throwback to Loony Tunes style comedy. I chuckled out loud (COL?).

Seriously guys, CrazyEd worked super hard on this film and it shows! Give this gem of a short film a view and you’ll soon agree with me. If you can’t appreciate this film, then you just can’t appreciate the art of a brickfilm!

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  1. Supercoollegodude says:

    The Anamation is A-A-Amazing! Jaw-Dropping!

  2. Willc says:

    Nice review, except the musician whose string broke is not a violinist, as you claimed, but a cellist, as the instrument is not small and being held under the chin.

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