Supper at Midnight

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CrazyEd: Youtube Twitter … (Dude get a Facebook Page…pleaaasseee)

Hopefully you guys went and subbed CrazyEd when I wrote about him before for his film “Symphony”. If you haven’t seen that flick yet, I highly suggest checking it out, and for those of you that have become CrazyEd fanboys like myself, keep on keepin’ on.

CrazyEd strikes again with another extremely well animated and stylish flick called “Supper at Midnight”. It follows a psycho chef that  cooks up late night meals… late night meals of an unknown kind! This may be my favorite work by CrazyEd so far, because I absolutely love the look of it. Another part I enjoyed were the scenes with bold color backgrounds, which I thought complimented the overall look of the film. So cool. I feel like I don’t even need to mention the amazing animation due to the fact that it’s become something we all expect from CrazyEd, and he always delivers. If I were to pick at one minor thing, I would say this flick could have benefited from well thought out sound design. I appreciated the whole idea with the music and everything, but I feel like some great sound design could have made it a bit creepier and a bit more intense, but that’s just my opinion of course. I can hardly even pick at all on CrazyEd, his films are great.

This film is no exception, he continues to pump out quality entertainment and I continue to enjoy it! Seriously check out and support him and his channel, because he never disappoints. Go check it out nnnaaaooooooo.

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