“Sleeping Vengeance” Brickfilm IndieGoGo Fundraiser

Recently a LEGO brickfilmer named Thomas Hubbel (aka sumkid101) created an indiegogo project to make a 10-15 minute brickfilm similar to his the popular brickfilm “DEFEATING DEFEAT“. Thomas Hubbel estimates that he’s going to need about $1,800 to produce the brickfilm. Thomas Hubbel is featuring 8 different perks if you invest in his brickfilm. Click the following link to support this project: CLICK HERE

Here’s what Thomas Hubbel had to say about his project:

About Me & My Work

My name is Thomas Hubbel, a 17 year old filmmaker from Rochester, NY. I’ve been making films ever since I can remember, and began a YouTube channel for all my work in 2010. I love Brickfilming, which is made though Stop-Motion Animation using the ever popular LEGO we all know & love.

I have always been drawn to comedy, and, as you can see, most of my videos on my YouTube channel are comedies/parodies. But as I continue to work towards becoming a professional filmmaker, I want to explore different story types and did such in my recent drama film “DEFEATING DEFEAT“. The film received such positive response that I realized you can do so much more in the world of Brickfilming than just flashy animation and potty humor. Thus, I set out to make this film, “Sleeping Vengeance”, a Crime/Action/Drama that will be similar to “DEFEATING DEFEAT”, but longer with actual dialogue and better story structure.

Films such as NickDurron’s “Picturesque” and ZachMG’s “The Profession” are big inspirations to this film, as well as countless others (both YouTube films & Feature Films). These films can be good previews of what I’m sort of aiming for.

I’m excited to have finally finished writing this project, and I’m hoping to begin filming in July, with the release of the film hopefully by fall. I already have an extremely talented fellow Brickfilmer who will be composing the soundtrack for the film (which, btw, will be available on iTunes when the film is released!), and here’s a link to his channel: CLICK HERE

Thank you to all who can support and donate, and to those of you who help simply by spreading the word!

Film Plot

Detective Caelum begins working on a new case with two fellow officers, one his best friend and the other his mentor.

The victims found from the series of murders have been brutally tortured, and all seem to have a connection to either Caelum and/or his recently deceased wife.

Caelum has always believed that he must bring justice to anyone who has committed murder, right on the spot. His “Code of Honor” is that trial before a judge is never an option, for the system is corrupt and he will end up finding the criminal on the streets again in a few years. Therefore, if a criminal is guilty of murder, he shall be shot on sight.

But when Caelum discovers who’s behind the killings, and why they are connected to his wife’s murder, he questions his “Code of Honor” and his ability to be a true bringer of justice.

What Will Your Funding Go To?

The funding you all provide will be put towards new lenses for my DSLR, and perhaps software, but most importantly NEW LEGO! The scenes in this film are of both large and small scale, but I don’t have close to enough pieces for the buildings and city streets I’m planning to have in the film. Also, I need many small, specialty pieces; such as minifigures, room accessories and more.

Also, I’m expanding my studio, so funding will also go to any new equipment (tripods, lighting, desks.)

The best part of the funding process is that YOU ALL receive something for your contributions, such as prizes/rewards and perks (see to the right).

The Final Product

This film will be my biggest yet, and I hope you will all enjoy it. I’m hoping to bring a new style to Brickfilming, one that emphasizes story structure, as well as to inspire other aspiring filmmakers/animators to try and make something other than the usual comedic Brickfilm; to bring a bigger meaning to it.

Other Ways You Can Help

For those of you who cannot contribute funds, please, PLEASE spread the word. Support can be gained just by posting a link to this page, and I’m eternally grateful to anyone who does so. Spreading the word is extremely helpful, and is as valuable as contributing money.

*Donations are made using either Credit Card/Debit, or PayPal.

Thank you!!!

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