Shipping / Returns
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Please contact me to make other arrangements if you need to. Store sales are final and there are no RETURNS (some exceptions contact me). All items will be shipped in a safely manor, if shipping company crushes or damages package, then you must take it up with USPS. I promise I will do my best by my customers, and I appreciate all my customers as well. Lost items are not my responsibility.

Processing takes 2-7 Business days

Expected Shipping Times: (After Order has been Processed/Shipped)

USPS First Class Mail (USA) 2-5 Business Days

International First Class Mail (All Other Country’s) 5-20 Business Days

Product Damaged/Broken:

Our policy is that if it is broken/damage right when you take it out of the package it is shipped in, we’ll fix it and/or replace item for FREE! BUT the moment you break/damage the product, we can’t do anything.

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