Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of The Murder

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Like always, SpastikChuwawa gives us a totally random and hilarious little flick that features his stylistic brain-draining type humor. In this short film, we follow the absurd trail of Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Watson as the try to uncover the very well-named “Mystery of the Murder”. They realize the victim was murdered with a knife and the culprit it none other than… KNIFEMAN! This flick is stocked full of puns and sure to make you chuckle, or at least leave you with a serious WTF feeling. Who doesn’t want a little bit of that in their life? …amirite?

Like most SpastikChuwawa films, it actually features very impressive sets, especially the opening set, which I found to be very pleasing. The fire reflections and built in blood from the victim are very nice touches as well. Another impressive aspect of the film was the voice acting, which included the 0ldScratch as Sherlock and Dylan Woodley (Insomniac Animations) as Watson. The well done voice acting gave the film a nice little boost of charm and definitely did justice to the film.

This film just goes to show that SpastikChuwawa never takes himself (or his films) too seriously, and yet still achieves a high level of entertainment and enjoyment. This may not be the most sophisticated brickfilm you’ll ever watch, but it’s definitely worth viewing for the chuckles.

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