Rumored LEGO The Simpsons Set List 2014

Lego The Simpsons

Rumors have come out on the LEGO forums that these are the new LEGO The Simpsons Sets for the 2014 line up. No official word has been announced that these rumors are true, however we’ll like you posted.

•Bart’s Skate Trick, £10 minifigs: Bart & Milhouse
•Homer at the Control Panel, £20, minifigs: Homer, Burns, & Smithers
•Lisa’s Sax Performance, £30, minifigs: Lisa, Marge, Sherri, and Terri
•Springfield Shops, £50, minifigs: Bart, cashier at Krusty Burger, Krusty, Apu, / Nelson
•Simpson’s House, £70, minifigs: Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Grandpa, Flanders, and Santa’s Little Helper

What’s your thought on the new sets?

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