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ZOMG–DIS IS THE BEST THANG I HAS EVAR SEEN. Insomniac Animations strikes again with another delightfully wacky and hilarious short flick, in the same genre of humor that we usually find from Dylan’s films. This time, we follow our favorite Pokemon trainer as he encounters a “PIKACHUUU”!! This is seriously a freakin’ hilarious video. The voice acting in this flick is actually really well done, and is definitely one of the key points that sells the humor. Also, who doesn’t enjoy seeing a throwback (even though I still regularly play Pokemon) to our favorite childhood video game!?

Let me continue the praise by commenting on how amazing the set and character designs are. The Ash puppet figure design is that of Paganomation’s, but Dylan still shows an impressive tweak on the design. Also, the Pokemon figures are very well designed and animated. The sets are fairly simple, yet do justice to the film and I always enjoy seeing a small scale city in the background. Simple; yet effective. The sky backdrop with the moving clouds is a really nice and professional looking effect and the other effects in the video are well done also. The classic anime background change when Ash flips his hat around is perfect.

Dylan has always given us high quality videos, but this one stands out to me as being a whole step up. Overall it’s just really well done and manages to sell the humor really well. Every aspect of the film is up to par, leaving the audience wanting more. Maybe i’m just an Insomniac Animations fanboy, but this video is awesome. I can see this becoming extremely popular in the near future… it just oozes the traits of a viral video…

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