Patient 25 – Info & Behind the Scenes

And so, the shameless self promotion begins…

First off, let me disclaim this post by saying I didn’t choose my own film as Brickfilm of the Week. I like to believe that i’m not THAT self-centered… but with that being said, I didn’t really find any jaw dropping brickfilms this week, like the last couple have been, so I figured I would take this week’s post to talk about my own film release and some of the work that went into it.

Set from the opening sequence:

In all my past films, I have used the Quickcam 9000 webcam. Don’t get me wrong, it has nice quality and is really easy to use, but when I got the t2i, there was NO comparison. The shallow depth of field really makes it look nice, especially when working with such small sets and figures. Hopefully you guys can notice a difference in the quality in this film versus my previous work, because i’m really happy with how it turned out. As for the rest of my set up, I use two main lamps, which you can see above pointed towards my set and two back lights to even out the backdrop. Currently I am capturing frames using the Canon EOS software, which works, but it’s not very elaborate, and lacks several functions that could be handy (such as onion skinning). Several brickfilmers recently have switched to capturing in DragonFrame and I hear it’s really a nice piece of software, so hopefully I will be able to switch to that in the future… when I make some moniez.

For those of you who haven’t watch it yet, I highly suggest checking out Patient 24 first, as it will help piece together the so called “confusing plot” of Patient 25. I plan on making this into a trilogy, so hopefully I can start working on the next patient film pretty soon, which will go more in depth with what’s going on and hopefully tie up all the loose ends and questions of the previous two films.

Patient 25 essentially follows a man who finds himself lost after crashing his airplane. It’s supposed to take place around 1935, which will also be pieced together in the sequel. In these films I actually tried pretty hard to create a creepy atmosphere. I worked pretty hard on the score and sound design in an attempt to get some suspense going and make people jump a little, which is pretty difficult when working with children’s building blocks. Some of my viewers say it’s creepy, others… just don’t whats coming… hehe.

So check it out, and if you have any questions you can contact me through my Youtube channel, which I check daily, or my Facebook Page.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and hopefully i’m not shoving my film in your face too badly!

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