New LEGO Minecraft Sets To Be Released?

New LEGO Minecraft Set 2013

Supposedly Hungarian site, KockaMania, is claiming that LEGO has plans to make two more LEGO Minecraft Sets. As of now, there are no details or release date for the supposed sets. We’ll keep you posted on this, however I have a strong feeling that this is fake.

Rumored Sets:
LEGO 21105 – Minecraft II
LEGO 21106 – Minecraft III

My reason for saying this is fake, as of now, is because the image KockaMania shows is an image of an article we wrote a while back showing off what LEGO employees created using 6 LEGO Minecraft sets. Since the article went live, a lot of people have been thinking this is the new LEGO Minecraft set when it’s not. However only time will tell if LEGO will make a new LEGO Minecraft set and it would be smart to do so because of the success of the first set!

Update: KockaMania has messaged us saying that the image was for illustration only, so there might be more hope to this news! We’ll keep you posted and thanks to KockaMania for the clarification.

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