New Citizen Brick Jungle Commando Minifigure

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LEGO Jungle Commando Minifigure

LEGO Jungle Commando Minifigure

Citizen Brick has recently released some new items to their store. For starters, Citizen Brick has released a new limited edition Jungle Commando. Loaded for bear and detailed to the hilt, this premium pad printed fig features the quality and craftsmanship that only CB delivers. Each Jungle Commando comes with genuine Brickarms machete and combat light machine gun. This is a limited edition – packaged in it’s own, hand-numbered envelope. Only 500 made, so when they’re gone.. they’re gone. CLICK HERE

LEGO Russian Infantry Torso

LEGO Russian Infantry Torso

Commrades! Defend the Eastern Front with the lastest addition to the ever-expanding Citizen Brick WWII collection. Finely detailed, our Russian Infantry Torso will make you the Pride of the Motherland! CLICK HERE

LEGO Russian Printed Ushanka (Black) Hat

LEGO Russian Printed Ushanka (Black)

Brave the Russian winter with the premium pad printed Brickarms Ushanka. The best hat in all of Communism. CLICK HERE

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