New BrickArms Weapons – March 2012

BrickArms has recently released new custom weapons to the public! The new custom weapons feature a MAAWS, Black Minigun with Brass Ammo Chain, Modern Combat Pack Volume 3 and WWII Pack with Russian Protos. The customs are extremely detailed and worth checking out! Check out by clicking the following link: CLICK HERE

Minigun Includes:
• Minigun Body
• Minigun Barrels Piece
• Exposed Barrels End Cap
• Flash Suppressor End Cap
• 3 Gunmetal Buildable Ammo Chain Links
• 3 Gunmetal U-Clips

Stands for “BrickArms Multipurpose Anti-armor Anti-tank Weapon System” (MAAWS)!

MAAWS includes:
• Launch Tube
• Venturi Exhaust
• 3 Loadable Shell Casings
• Red HEAT Warhead
• Blue HEDP Warhead
• Green KINETIC Warhead

Modern Combat Pack includes:
•Heavy Assault Carbine (HAC)
•M16-AGL (Advanced Grenade Launcher)
•M16-DBR (Door Breaching)
•Assault Carbine
•Combat SMG
•Combat PDW
•Assault Recon Carbine (ARC)
•Tactical PDW
•AC8 Assault Carbine
•M110 Sniper Rifle
•Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR)
•High Caliber Sniper Rifle (HCSR)
•M21 Sniper Rife
•2 Bipods
•2 U-Clips
•2 M203 Grenade Launchers
•2 Mk2 Grenades
•2 Ammo Clips
•2 Combat Knives

Pack Includes:

•M1A1 Thompson SMG
•M1911 Pistol
•M1 Carbine
•M1 Helmet
•Stahlhelm Helmet
•M1919 Machine Gun
•M3 Grease Gun
•StG44 Vampir
•SMLE Rifle
•M1 Garand Rifle
•M24 Grenade
•M1917 Pistol
•P08 Luger
•4 Combat Knives
•4 Ammo Clips
•4 U-Clips
•1 Exclusive Russian WWII prototype

Your odds of getting a particular prototype in a pack is this:
1:5 = SVT-40
1:4 = Mosin Nagant PU Sniper
1:10 = DP-28 Overmolded MG

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