My Father is a Tyrannosaurus Rex: A Feature Film

Recently a LEGO brickfilmer named Philip Heinrich (aka SmeagolStudios) created an indiegogo project to make a feature film of the popular brickfilm “My Father is a Tyrannosaurus Rex”. Philip Heinrich estimates that he’s going to need about $6,000 to produce the feature film. Philip Heinrich is featuring 8 different perks if you invest in his feature film. Click the following link to support this project: CLICK HERE

Here’s what Philip Heinrich had to say about his project:

The Film:
This film began with a very simple premise. A premise which is summed up by its title. Director Philip Heinrich created a short film based on the idea, but soon realized that the premise could, and perhaps even should, be explored further.

Now, a small cast and crew of young filmmakers have joined together to make a feature length, live action film. The film will tell the story of Tim, a recent high school graduate whose father is a Tyrannosaurus Rex. What follows is a comedic drama about the struggles of a young man who thinks he’s been given the worst lot in life, but has a lot to learn. Though the above pitch video is stop motion animation with LEGO, this campaign is for a live action film.

We will be shooting throughout Texas, mostly in Waco and the surrounding area. It’s regrettable that Terrence Malick has beaten us to making the first feature film to be set in Waco and have dinosaurs in it.

The Campaign
Though achieving quality production values is a high priority for us, we have decided to aim for a very small budget on this film, with minimal crew.

The money raised in this campaign will be used to pay for expenses in making the film: equipment rentals and purchases, software, craft services, travel expenses, and festival submissions. Some of the money will also be put toward the pledge incentives themselves. Everyone who pledges in this campaign will be given access to an exclusive, behind-the-scenes production blog about the process of making the film, updated as production and post-production go along.

And yes, there will be a Tyrannosaurus Rex in this film. We are hoping to secure a live dinosaur for filming, but in the event that this does not work out, multiple crew members have extensive experience in computer animation and visual effects.

The People
Cast and crew are still actively being selected for the film, but some key people are already tentatively in place.

Philip Heinrich (producer, writer, director) A 2012 graduate of Baylor University who studied film and will soon begin a masters degree in the same field. Heinrich has written, directed, and produced more than a dozen animated short films, as well as several live action short films. He has competed in a number of festivals and film competitions.

When he is not making films, Philip also works as a freelance artist. Some of his work may be seen on his infrequently updated blog.

Jordan Harris (crew) A student filmmaker with background in animation, Harris’s work has competed in a number of film and video competitions. Basically a former child genius, Harris once won a film festival but was disqualified for being too young.

Meghan Samonte (producer) A 2011 graduate of Baylor University’s film department. She has directed and produced several short films, including producing the award-winning 2011 film Innocence, screened at the Dallas Film Festival. She also travels the world working as a ballet instructor and dancer.

Here’s a sample of what the film would be like:

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