MOC(s) of the Week – UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle and Tornado season

Even though it’s only been a week, I’m featuring two MOCs this week. And no one can stop me :P.

This is the “UT-47 Kodiak Drop Shuttle” by N-11 Ordo.

I’ve never played Mass Effect, nor do I know anything about it (*bangs head repeatedly on nearby table*), but after looking up an image or two of what the shuttle actually looks like in the game, the build seems to be a pretty good replica. Here’s what the creator said:

Nicknamed the “Combat Cockroach” by Alliance marines due to its durability and looks, the Kodiak drop shuttle is an interplanetary vehicle operated by a pilot and a co-pilot. It can carry up to 14 people, including the pilots, with a total of 12 in a cramped cargo space with full complement, as well as a VI. A true contragravitic vehicle, the Kodiak’s substantial element zero core allows flight by entirely countering the vehicle’s mass. Its small thrusters are for directional control only, so if the mass effect field fails, the vehicle becomes a proverbial “three-million-credit coffin”. The unarmed shuttle forgoes weaponry-space for active masking, electronic countermeasures, and a robust kinetic barrier system.

The Kodiak was extensively tested in the sulfuric acid and extreme temperatures of Venus, and can land in hard vacuum, high pressure, and temperatures from near-absolute zero to over 900 degrees Celsius.


The Kodiak Shuttle is something very special for me.
It certainly was the most difficult build of my whole time as Lego builder. I tried to build it as stud less as possible. Therefore it’s quite instabile, but it very accurate. And I added some stickers to make it even more accurate. Furthermore the model features openable doors on both sides. Also, this is the first time I photoshoped the whole background, because this build is too big to fit into my usual background.

Pretty sweet N-11 Ordo. Pretty sweet.

And now for “Tornado season” by Yacapo.

Me and Kyle were at my house a while back and he pointed out this could probably pass as a tornado 😛

Thank you Kyle. It did indeed. NPU (nice piece usage)!!!! EPU (epic piece usage…)!!!!!! Not much else to say, really. I also love the road and the frog-tree.

Well that’s it for this week. Remember to enter your Lego MOCs in the Flickr group and you just might be featured here on BrickUltra next week!!!!!1!!!5!!!one!!

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