MOC(s) of the Week – Karough, Dragsvold’s Capital and Halo Battlepack

Well there have been a lot of MOCs to choose from that have been entered over the past [six] weeks, and a lot of them were very good. I have chosen two that I thought were particularly interesting.

The first is called “Karough, Dragsvold’s Capital” by K.Kreations.

The Frosted Window Panes framed the valley below. Clode pressed his hands against the window as he waited for word of his journey. Shortly a squire came in with a rolled scroll wich he handed him with a short bow. Sitting on his cot he began to read. ~We depart tomarrow at dawn. Bring whatever you deem important for what awaits us. You may not be coming back. ~Kirum~ Clode re-folded the scroll and walked to his cabinent, opening it he beheld the object that had started all of this….

I really like mini-models of pretty much anything (ships, places, etc.) and I like seeing how certain pieces can be used to represent something that is much bigger. I like models that look real enough that if you stood back far enough, you might think it’s actual scale model, not even made of Legos. This is kinda like that. I love the design, and the terrain. It reminds me of a Lego Architecture model. I also really like the bridge. Good job K. Kreations.

Now onto “HALO UNSC BattlePack®” by n7mereel.

Here’s what the creator’s description:

“Fight against the Aliance with the whole Forces of the UNSC! Take part of the fight asgainst Grunts, Brutes, Jackals Elites and many more! Scaffold your army with the brand new HALO UNSC BattlePack® and prepare for one of the biggest fights you´ve ever seen! Included are two gun racks filled with lots of yool weapons to arm your UNSC Forces the way you like. Also included are 4 UNSC Marines, 1 UNSC Marine Commander and 1 ODST Trooper.

Set price: 9,99$”

I love how he wrote it like an actual Lego catalog description, but $9.99? LOL Yeah right. These days it would probably be more like $14.99 or heck, even $19.99. But that’s not your fault, n7mereel 🙂

Anyway, even though this will (sadly) never happen, I love the idea. For some reason I really like when people make fake Lego sets (or “umph” existing ones like so) and make them look like something Lego would actually sell. So good job n7mereel, good job.

Well I finally got around to writing an article. I’ll try my best to do them more often. Will someone please remind me on September 21…? 😀

And remember to enter your Lego builds in the Flickr group and you just might be featured here on BrickUltra! Bye now.

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