MOC of the Week – The End

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Hey guys, welcome to the MOC of the Week Section. Future MOC selections will be taken from our BrickUltra Flickr group so you can join that here: CLICK HERE. This week we’ll be featuring the “The End” created by Flickr user Mark of Falworth.

MOC of the Week - The End

Here’s what the creator had to say about the MOC:
The first warriors who came within reach of Mark’s sword were speedily cut down. Mark charged furiously into the great mass of men!
Mark slashed and chopped and parried and stabbed in an uncontrollable surge of adrenaline and rage!
After a dozen had fallen before his sword, the Outlaws paused in sheer disbelief. Fighting 12 opponents at a time, he still drove them back and held his own!
The respite was momentary, as the Outlaws were burning for vengeance against years of disastrous crusades (Some instigated by Mark). More and more fell, and Mark was thought to have fallen dead more then once, but then he would erupt from a pile of struggling bandits and rain down his deadly blows faster then ever!
For 7 long hours the carnage raged, and nigh a hundred Outlaws had died trying to bring down the knight of the everlasting smile and perfect hair (which still remained perfect despite the intense action).

But even the bravest cannot fight beyond his own strength, and each wave of opponents was getting harder and harder for Mark to drive back…
The Outlaws gathered together shoulder to shoulder for a final rush towards their target. Their war-cries grew stronger as Mark’s strength faded.

But just before they could deliver the death blows, a tremendous, eardrum-bursting roar shook the entire battlefield!

Every warrior stopped and looked to the heavens from whence the rumble came.

Lo and behold, a colossal black creature descended on the mass of men. Fangs glistening, enormous wings spreading forth in terrible glory. It was none other then the fearsome dragon Cyricus the Mighty!

The great host of Outlaws fled like mice before a lion.

The Dragon landed with immense impact, feet away from the exhausted Mark.

He had no energy left to run, or even to raise his weapon. His voice had long since dissipated.

He looked straight into the jaws of death, and smiled. At last his time had come.

The massive claws and teeth shrieked towards him as he fell senseless to the ground…

What do you guys think about the MOC, leave a comment below!

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