MOC of the Week – Thanksgiving Special

Happy Thanksgiving my American peeps! I thought I’d celebrate the occasion my doing something I don’t usually do… writing a MOC of the week post.

This week I thought I’d highlight just a few of the awesome Thanksgiving MOCs I’ve seen on Flickr. (Also I finally figured out how to insert a picture into an article without actually saving the picture to my computer! Yeah, I know.)

By monsterbrick

Also by monsterbrick (love this one)

By DeTomaso77

By Walter Benson

Great MOCs guys. Most of these didn’t come from the BrickUltra Flickr group, I’ve decided I’m going to start drawing from other Flickr groups and places as well for MOCs I could write about. Feel free to continue entering your builds in that group though, I’ll still look there! Anyway, have a great day everyone and don’t stop building! 😀

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