MOC of the Week: Sangheili

By Taylor Davis On 2 Feb, 2013 At 01:23 PM | Categorized As Weekly Articles | With 0 Comment

So many hands… hands everywhere…

This lovely Halo Sangheili (Elite) was made by Kyle Peckham on Flickr. There are so many NPUs (nice piece usages… remember that) in this MOC it’s almost hard to believe. I really love the head on this guy. He also appears to be very posable, which of course is awesome. This might be one of the best Lego Elites I’ve ever seen. Thanks Kyle.

Sorry that this article is kinda short. It’s just that I really need to get back on top this MOC of the Week thing…

To see more of this MOC as well as some other cool builds from Kyle, check out his Flickr photostream and his MOCpages account. And as always, keep building! And be sure to upload your MOCs to the internet where other Lego builders can see them. You never know, I might be watching! 🙂

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