MOC of the Week – Metro Last Light

Hey guys, welcome to the second week of the MOC of the Week Section. Future MOC selections will be taken from our BrickUltra Flickr group so you can join that here: CLICK HERE. This week we’ll be featuring the “Metro Last Light contest : “The reign of anarchy”” created by Flickr user Titus.

Metro Last Light lego

Here’s what the creator had to say about the MOC:
Russian stalkers – Well, this isn’t a bad day. Not a bad day for a Stalker. I found some ammunitions today. We will be able to win some cash … But it will be for tomorrow. I just want to relax now. Fortunatley, Borislav and Danil watch over our little lair. I couldn’t make it without these two guys. The city became a real jungle. Here, only the anarchy can reign …-

Well, the pic and the background are not the best, but because of the time, I could’nt do anything better. The build doesn’t turn exactly like I wanted, but for a 4 days build, it’s ok 😀

What do you guys think about the MOC, leave a comment below!

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