MOC of the Week – May 26, 2012 – Mission 12.3

Mission 12.3 – Wild Space – A Response to Neglect” is the full name of ώicked‘s winning MOC of the Week.

I quite like this MOC. Apparently a crab droid is attacking some clones with their swamp speeder in the middle of a swampy valley. I like the overgrown look with all the plants and weeds and stuff. The swamp speeder appears to be custom, although I’m not entirely sure. Of course most think the best part is the crab droid, which is a popular droid model in Star Wars, and unfortunately has never been released in Lego form in any official sets. So most people have to make their own. And whether or not the creator used instructions on YouTube or Brickshelf or whatever or just designed it himself, I think it’s pretty cool 8)

That’s all I have to say I guess. We didn’t have as many entries this week, so be sure to enter your MOC in our Flickr group here and you just might have a chance at being featured right here on BrickUltra! 😉

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