MOC of the Week – May 12, 2012 – Game Boy & Robot – Transformers/LEGO mashups!

I wasn’t going to pick this as the winner because it already won “Cuusoo of the Week” this week, but let’s face it. It’s REALLY good. (And since it was entered into the Flickr group this week, it’s just as much fair game as the other entries.)

I present to you, “Game Boy & Robot – Transformers/LEGO mashups!” by Baron_von_Brunk.

This really is an ingenious design. The creator not only builds the Game Boy, but the batteries as well, which become weapons for the robot, and the Tetris cartridge, which become’s the robot’s sidekick!

I also love the lit-up display with the Tetris game on it. Very cool.

I commend this guy, if I tried to build something like this (assuming I don’t give up within 5 minutes), the best I would ever be able to do is a blocky chunk that tranforms into a lame-looking robot.

For more pics of this awesome build, visit Baron_von_Brunk’s photostream, and remember to support it on Lego Cuusoo here! And don’t forget to enter your MOCs in the Flickr group for a chance to be featured here on BrickUltra! (don’t forget to tell your friends about it! :D)

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