MOC of the Week – March 23, 2012

Hey guys, Taylor here, it’s that time again. For this week’s MOC of the Week we got a earth-shattering 2 entries!!! That’s more then we’ve ever gotten!!! (only because this is the first week…)

No I’m kidding, but having 2 entries does make judging slightly easier I guess…

Anyway the winner this week is username CD Stone with his entry, “Guts”.

Apparently this is a vignette from the show The Walking Dead, I’ve never seen it, but I chose this one because as we all know zombies are awesome! That’s not all, notice the broken pipe on the left and the awesome brick wall. Amazing.

For more pics of this awesome MOC see it on Flickr here or on MOCpages here.

And please remember to enter your MOCs in the BrickUltra MOC of the Week group on Flickr, and your MOC might be featured here next Friday!

And thanks to reptiman1 for his entry as well 🙂

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