MOC of the Week – July 29, 2012 – Jedi Training Steampunk Style

Once again I’ve gone three weeks without writing an article. I REALLY need to get back on track.

We got a lot of entries the past three weeks, and LOTS of good ones, but I finally had to choose Hammerstein NWC‘s build “Jedi Training Steampunk Style“. If I remember correctly, this isn’t Mr. NWC’s first win… *checks previous BrickUltra articles*… Ah yes, here it is.

“Obidiah Kenobi trains LuKas Steamworker esquire. in the basics of using the Force. they are travelling aboard the Londinium Falcon with Privateer Hancock Solo (not pictured).”

Now I’m not going to right a long-winded article, I’m just gonna say I really like this MOC (obviously since I picked it). Also I’ve never seen Lego wood pieces, I really like them (I want some :()

I don’t know what it is about steampunk that is so interesting… at first I didn’t care for it but after seeing a bunch of Lego steampunk builds it seems cool in an odd way. Anyway great job Hammerstein.

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