MOC of the Week – Inception “Snow Cat” Arctic Warfare Humvee

Hey guys, welcome to the MOC of the Week Section. Future MOC selections will be taken from our BrickUltra Flickr group so you can join that here: CLICK HERE. This week we’ll be featuring the “Inception “Snow Cat” Arctic Warfare Humvee” created by Flickr user Project Azazel.

Inception "Snow Cat" Arctic Warfare Humvee

Here’s what the creator had to say about the MOC:
Finally finished making my Arctic Warfare Humvee I call the “Snow Cat” which is based on the one seen in the film “Inception” with my own changes here and there. Advice from Mark of Falworth on the tech for snow on the tree’ thanks Mark pal. Edit by Todd, thanks very much Bud. your skill always amazes me! Plenty of help and advice as thanks again. This ones for you! Ski mask heads sponsored by CitzenBrick so a massive thanks to custom printed Lego products by far IMO.

What do you guys think about the MOC, leave a comment below!

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