MOC of the Week – Hindenburg

This is an impressive MOC by JeroenOttens. It’s a 1:100 scale model of the Hindenburg. First of all, it would take me years to get this many gray pieces, and second of all, it’s HUGE! It’s 2.45 meters long (that’s 8 feet!).

Details include:
– Captains’ gondola
– Both passenger decks (fully equiped)
– Radio & mail rooms
– microfigures
– 4 motor gondolas
– 4 rear stabilators (moveable)
– An Opel Olympa Cabriolet (the first car that was flown over the Atlantic Ocean)
– And many more

Good job, JeroenOttens, good job.

He has a bunch more pictures (and a video) of this creation on his Flickr page, and you can also support it on CUUSOO.

Keep building, and have a Merry Christmas! (and Happy Hanukkah and all that stuff) 😀

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