MOC of the Week – Extermination

Hey guys, welcome to the MOC of the Week Section. Future MOC selections will be taken from our BrickUltra Flickr group so you can join that here: CLICK HERE. This week we’ll be featuring the “Extermination” created by Flickr user n7mereel.

MOC of the Week - Extermination

Here’s what the creator had to say about the MOC:

Exempting the last group of hostages seemes to be rather difficult in compasision to the first two groups. According to several eyewitnesses, powerful and strong looking persons, probably the SSA generals, now take care of the last group of hostages to ensure the success of getting the informations they need. They shall stay in a little settlement with modern houses of several billionaires in the east outer districts of Abu Dhabi. On the way to the point where they were located by the EU Scouts, every SSA survivor gets chased down and eliminated.

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