MOC of the Week – April 6, 2012 – “U-boat War”

We got 28 entries this week, and some really great MOCs! I can only choose one though, so I decided to pick Liam4242‘s amazing build entitled “U-boat War“.

We only get a single picture, but that’s really all we need. Just look at it.

This is the kind of thing that makes me want to make more MOCs of my own.

Here is the caption that Liam4242 wrote for this MOC:

It was the middle of the night when the alarms went off.
They said the fleet was under attack by U-Boats.
We ran for our positions as fast as we could.
Then there was a sudden thud that launched us to the sides, we had been hit.
I hit my head hard, everything was hard to make out.

Drifting away… “

Of course the fantastic lighting makes this all work, but I also love the lonely feeling that he gave to this MOC. It’s just a lonely sailor running down a dark hallway in some sort of ship or submarine in the middle of the night. It’s actually quite simple, but I love it.

So that’s my pick for this week, and remember to enter your MOCs in our Flickr group and you just might see your MOC right here next week! 🙂

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