MOC of the Week – April 28, 2012 – Osgiliath

Hey guys, it’s Taylor, sorry I’m a day late on MOC of the Week (better late than never, right?)

Anyway this week’s winner is an older MOC that was entered into the Flickr group this week. It’s a large Lord of the Rings MOC by Aidan Flynn called “Osgiliath“.

Here’s what the creator says on MOCpages about this MOC:

“Osgiliath is under attack from Orcs. Captain Faramir and his soldiers fight back but they are pushed from the city.

This MOC is a scene that is not from the LOTR movies or the books, it is a scene that the movie implied, the fall of Osgiliath under Captain Faramir.

After the capture of Osgiliath by the Orcs, Boromir and Faramir attack the Orcs and take it back, Then Boromir gives his epic speech that he concludes by crying out ‘For Gondor!'”

Of course to see all 27 pictures of the MOC, you must visit MOCpages here.

Even though I’m not exactly a Lord of the Rings expert (I haven’t even fully seen the three movies…), I like how he took an idea that wasn’t even shown in the books or the movies (only mentioned) and built upon it (get it? “built” upon it? 😀 Hahahaha…haha…ahem…)

There is a lot of action going on in this MOC, I love the building they are fighting in (I wish I had this many gray bricks…) and while the minifigs aren’t perfect, I understand they’re probably the best he could come up with without sharpie-ing all over his figs :).

Hope you enjoyed this week’s MOC, and remember to enter your own MOCs in our Flickr group for a chance to be featured right here on BrickUltra!

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