MOC of the Week – April 20, 2012 – Smuggler’s Headquarter

This MOC of the Week takes place in the ruins of Chicago in the 22nd century. It depicts a small faction of soldiers storming a smugglers’ and mercenaries’ drug headquarters. It’s called “Smuggler’s Headquarter” and was built by n7mereel and N-11 Ordo on Flickr.

This is a good-sized, highly detailed MOC with great lighting.

Like I said the lighting is great, and apparently the weird foggy shadows in the corridor on the left were an accident, but many agree they look cool! The silver rod-looking things at the bottom are atomic fuel rods that smuggle everything, according to n7mereel. Notice the ruined tile floor in the bottom left corner. I love the amount of detail in this thing!

You can see more views of this epic build here. Please check it out and see close-up views of all the minifigs (like a great use of the Lucius Malfoy head) as well as more shots of the MOC.

We got a lot of entries this week in the MOC contest, and we hope to get many more in the coming weeks! Don’t forget to enter your MOCs in the Flickr group here for a chance to be featured right here on BrickUltra! 😀

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