MOC of the Week – April 13, 2012 – Nazi in Exile

“Two months after World War II a Nazi hides in an Arctic Cave waiting for Germany to rise again…”

That’s the caption that Starwarsboy123456 writes for his MOC “Nazi in Exile“.

Okay so I admit it could be better, but we only got 13 entries this week so here is your winner.

Actually I think it’s not half bad. I love the idea behind this MOC of the lonely Nazi going into exile in an icy cave after WW2 has ended (this is the second week in a row I’ve picked a “lonely” MOC as the winner…).

This guy’s just starting out on Flickr and has never entered my contest before, so you gotta give him props for winning on his first try. I hope to see more from him soon! 🙂

To see a couple more shots of this MOC, go to his Flickr photostream here. And don’t forget to enter your Lego builds in the MOC of the Week contest on Flickr here! Don’t stop building! 😀

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