Mega Bloks Halo Sets 2014 Images

By Nathan Lyle On 22 Dec, 2013 At 06:47 PM | Categorized As Lego News, Mega Bloks News | With 0 Comment

Mega Bloks has announced a new wave of “Mega Bloks Halo” sets for 2014! What do you think about the new sets?

Mega Bloks Halo Sets 2014 Images
UNSC Weapons Pack: featuring a Marine in BDU Green, a Heavy Machine Gun with tripod, and all-new weapon skins!

Mega Bloks Halo Sets 2014 Images
Battle Pack: featuring a brand-new Imperial Grunt, a Storm Jackal, a Spartan Scout and a blue active camo Recruit with matching Tactical Shotgun!

Mega Bloks Halo Sets 2014 Images
Hazard-yellow Offworld Cyclops: a manned by a black-armored Marine and designed for breaking apart debris and rubble to scavenge valuable assets.

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