Mega Bloks Halo ONI REAP-X Summer 2013 Sets

Mega Bloks is launching a brand new sub-line of Halo called “ONI REAP-X”. The new sub-line will launch in summer/fall of 2013 with an estimated price of $14.99. The reason Mega Bloks has called this sub-line “ONI REAP-X” is because these vehicles are supposedly top-secret, even though none of these vehicles are mentioned in the Halo games/novels. So basically Mega Bloks is creating their own Halo vehicles…

Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Siege Bike
Includes a blue Spartan CIO and an Active Camo Grunt Storm. This vehicle I’d love to see appear in Halo 5 because it looks way better than using a UNSC Mongoose.

Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Light Assault VTOL
Includes a Spartan Mark VII in blue armor, and the all-new Storm Jackal. The Storm Jackal figure comes equipped with a yellow shield and the first release of the Halo 4 Beam Rifle weapon

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