LEGO’s magic number is 37,112

By Nathan Lyle On 15 Apr, 2013 At 04:19 PM | Categorized As Weekly Articles | With 0 Comment

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “How many times can I assemble LEGO bricks before they wear out?”

Well… probably never but I did. The story would end there if I had not also the knack to build a machine to test it. Here it is:

LEGO's magic number is 37,112

The first version was using a metal tube attaching the top servo to the LEGO brick. It was too flimsy and died during initial testing. So I took an old CPU heat sink…

LEGO's magic number is 37,112

And using my trusty angle cutter, I made this new arm:

LEGO's magic number is 37,112
A successful test proved that the LEGO was no match for this chunk of aluminium. I then made an infra-red proximity sensor to detect if the presence of the LEGO and rigged the whole thing to an Arduino. This was shot before the test started:

and this was shot about two thirds into the testing that lasted a whopping 10 days!!!

So here are the 2 dead LEGO bricks after 10 days and 37,112 assembling and disassembling.

LEGO's magic number is 37,112

Don’t try this at home. It’s long, noisy and cruel to LEGO bricks.

By: Phillipe Cantin

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