Lego’s Legacy: A Toy for All Ages

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The Lego Group, based in Denmark, began manufacturing construction bricks in 1949 and has developed since then to present more than just interlocking colored bricks. The fact that these bricks have inspired generations of children and adults to enhance and invoke their imagination reflects in their worldwide popularity. Lego has gone from a point where it was sold in the toy section of a supermarket to now having thousands of stores worldwide dedicated to selling just Lego. What’s more, Lego has gone from being standard colored bricks, to incorporating small character figures, wheels, mechanics, motors, lights and pretty much anything a child could dream up. Lego provides a child with the capability of bringing out his or her imagination with endless methods of designing, disassembling and rebuilding what they themselves have constructed. With the aid of the internet, Lego is now an online phenomenon as well as a physical one. Users and fanatics are able to view the latest Lego news, information and models at Lego’s official website. It is things like this that attempt to keep Lego fresh, exciting and up to speed with the latest trends, such as online gaming.

But it is not just dedicated websites and videos that help Lego. Lego now takes a huge portion of its profits from pieces and sets manufactured to reflect popular films and television shows, which allow the public to relive their favorite cinematic experiences in their own bedrooms. For instance, one of the most popular licensed themes is the Harry Potter franchise which, along with the Star Wars franchise, has boosted Lego to the point of record sales in recent years. In more recent years, films like Avatar: The Last Airbender have proved a popular choice for Lego fanatics, along with famous children’s cartoons such as; Ben 10, Bob The Builder, Spongebob Squarepants and Thomas the Tank Engine. Lego has even made its presence known in popular video games such as the Call of Duty franchise.


However, what we have seen in more recent years, with the ever-growing presence of technology and the digital consumer, the mass public are looking for the next best thing to tickle their fancy and provide equal entertainment to what Lego provided those same people in the 80s and 90s. It seems that Lego’s popularity is getting some competition from the introduction and viral spreading of the internet and availability of electronic platforms at cheap prices. For instance, the glitz and the glamor of the online roulette table in websites such as may mean that some people are putting their Lego sets down and replacing them with the chance to win lots of cash. Being able to play roulette online has resulted in the modern age becoming the ‘Golden Age’ of online gaming. The internet and the ever increasing prevalence of home computers and devices with online capabilities have meant that some of the best roulette and other gambling games can be found online, at home – instead of in the casino.

Furthermore, there are so many ways for people that are new to the game to be able to learn how to play roulette and even chances to receive free roulette games and an exclusive roulette bonus when signing up. The possibilities for winning and having fun are once again endless. But instead of playing with toy bricks it seems that the public are moving on and looking for new ways to remain entertained. If that means playing roulette online or playing other online gambling games, then that is what will develop and become increasingly available to do.

What is known as ‘The Golden Age of Lego’ – the years 1978-79 in particular and, indeed, the majority of the 80s – saw Lego really make a mark on the toy industry and become what it is today. In popular culture it has had a significant impact on artworks and in films and it is even used as a teaching tool in the classroom for young children. The diversity and malleability of Lego means that the uses for Lego are limitless. Though there are newer toys or gadgets that may capture the imagination and attention of people today, there will always be a place in the hearts of people for one of the most creative and successful toys of all time—the Lego.

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