LEGO Worlds Online Multiplayer E3 Trailer & Update

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LEGO Worlds Online Multiplayer E3 Trailer & Update

LEGO has released a new trailer for LEGO Worlds at this years E3! The new trailer shows off the LEGO Worlds Online Multiplayer. What do you think about LEGO Worlds?

LEGO Worlds Game Update List:

First Person Camera
Well, after huge demand, we have finally given the people what they wanted! A first person camera is now available under the pause options. You can also quickly cycle between camera modes by pressing ‘C’ on the keyboard, or by clicking in your left stick on your Xbox One or Dualshock 4 controllers. The camera will help those who want to explore the various depths of their Worlds caves, and offer added freedom with building too!

Grapple Gun
We’ve also added a nifty Grapple Gun! Zoom around your map in new ways as you zip from point to point with your handy grapple gun. One of our demo Worlds at E3 will actually be a Grapple Gun course, so hopefully we’ll get some fun footage of people trying it out!

New Vehicle Controls (Rotational Controls)
Another update that is hopefully well received, is a new controls setup for Vehicles. The current setup is what was referred to in our last Dev Diary (found here: CLICK HERE) as ‘Directional’. We’ve added a much simpler ‘Rotational’ controls setup, where movement is defined by a button press, rather than pointing in a direction. This means that on an Xbox controller for example; A is forwards and X is reverse.

Updated Biome Atmospherics & Large Scale Ambient Occlusion
Those of you that read our Dev Diaries will have seen these two aspects mentioned recently. We have added several key changes to some of the visuals within certain biomes, as well as some much needed lighting improvements. The full scope of these changes can be found here: CLICK HERE

Road Tiles
We’ve added a few of the official LEGO City Road tiles into the Brick Building tool! Set up your cities and towns road networks (and help solve the problem that is the British M6 whilst you’re at it for bonus points!)

We’ve also thrown in a couple of new quests as well for you to try out (as always though, these are for you to find!) and a couple of updates to our characters and creatures behaviours to make them feel a little more alive.

Whilst we have you, we’d all like to take the chance to thank you for what has been an incredible year. Early Access is far from over for us, but that we’ve finally managed to bring the Online Multiplayer to you is a huge boost to all of us. Over time this will evolve and many changes will come in as we hone in any of the final tweaks needed before we shift everything across the main game branch.

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