LEGO The Simpsons Sets 2014

A Danish newspaper website has claimed that LEGO is seeking to acquire a license for the hit TV cartoon “The Simpsons”. LEGO’s marketing director, Mads Nipper, confirms that the company is negotiating with the people behind “The Simpsons”, but cannot confirm if an agreement has been made.

This is an interesting headline. If LEGO is able to reach an agreement with “The Simpsons” creators, then we might see sets sometime around early 2014! Given the cartoons color scheme “The Simpsons” natural would fit in the world of LEGO. What’s your thought on LEGO “The Simpsons” sets? If you want to see a LEGO Cuusoo idea for “The Simpsons” to get an idea of what some other characters might look like: CLICK HERE

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