LEGO The Simpsons Report False?

Lego The Simpsons

It would seem the reports that LEGO was planning on making LEGO The Simpsons sets seem to be false. Considering LEGO didn’t reveal any sets at Comic Con for the theme it’s a safe bet to say that LEGO might possible never make the theme. It would seem normal for LEGO to pass on a brand like The Simpsons just because of it’s adult geared audience. At the time of the report LEGO’s marketing director, Mads Nipper, confirmed that the company was in negotiations with the people behind “The Simpsons”, but could not confirm if they had reached an agreement. As far as we can tell it would appear that an agreement was not reached, however we’ll keep you posted if LEGO announces their plans for the LEGO The Simpsons sets in the future.

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