LEGO Super Heroes 2013 Sets

LEGO has announced the LEGO Super Heroes 2013 sets. The sets were revealed at the UK Toy Fair 2013 at Olympia, in London. Hopefully we’ll get some images soon. Which is your favorite set?

Thanks to FBTB for attending the UK Toy Fair.

Released in April … for the Iron Man 3 film … each set recreates a major scene from the movies …

76006 as yet unamed … includes figures Iron Man, War Machine (yes, the picture looked like the leaked picture we’ve seen on this forum!) and Aldrich Killian. Price Point is £19.99.

76007 as yet unamed … includes figures Tony Stark, Pepper Potts (exclusive to that set), Mk42 Iron Man, The Mandarin and another, as yet unamed, figure! Price Point is £34.99

76998 as yet unamed … includes an exclusive Iron Man and The Mandarin. That’s all I noted down. Price point is £11.99.

Released in May … for the Superman Man of Steel film … again, each set recreated major scenes from the movies …

76002 as yet unamed … includes Superman and General Zod minifigures. Price point £11.99.

76003 as yet unamed … includes Superman, Colonel Hardy, General Zod, Faora and another figure perhaps, but I can’t read my own handwriting … maybe Lorvan?! Price Point £39.99

76009 as yet unamed … includes an exclusive Lois Lane, Superman and General Zod. Price point £19.99.

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