LEGO Star Wars: Battle of Hoth Set

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LEGO recently released images for a new LEGO Star Wars set! The new set features what looks to be the Hoth base from Episode V. The new set will be at stores this Spring 2013. What do you think about the new set?

Thanks to Hothbricks for providing the source.

Set Description:“Go with Luke Skywalker on the ice-covered planet of Hoth in his Snowspeeder! Beware slices command center with Imperial Order Rikanom pilots and catch speeders snow Defense Forces attacking rebels. Shoot from the turret guns! Help the rebels defeat the strengths of the Galactic Empire in the Battle for the planet Hoth from the movie “Star Wars: Episode V. The Empire Strikes Back “! The set includes five minifigurok with various weapons and accessories: Luke Skywalker in Snowspeeder for clothing, General Rick, a rebel-infantryman from the planet Hoth snow speeders and 2 pilots.

Stop the attack by the Forces of the Empire Luke Skywalker and his snow speeder!

Help Rikanu order and Luke Skywalker on a snow speeder protect Defense Forces rebel infantry from imperial snow!

The set includes five Minifigures with various weapons and accessories: Luke Skywalker in clothing for snow speeder, General Rick, a rebel-infantryman from the planet Hoth and 2 pilots Snowspeeders Features: Snowspeeder, Speeder E-Web blaster cycle, a probe droid strengths of the Empire, turret gun, command center, and a trench Taounate Snowspeeder Has an opening cockpit and tow hook with rope gun can shoot Tower

Set includes six weapons: lightsaber, blaster pistol, blaster rifles and two 2 blaster accessories: shovel, pickaxe windsock and repel the force of the Empire! Open up the shells!

Dimensions of more than Snowspeeder height 6 cm, length 18 cm, width 13 cm
Trenches Dimensions: length 20 cm, width 11 cm, height 10 cm”

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  1. TaylorPlacePro says:

    I’m losing track of how many Battle of Hoth sets they’ve made…

    Seriously, is this the best they can do?

  2. boxmanichou says:

    I like the variety of models in this set 🙂

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